Sony Collaborative Meet-up @ InfoComm 2018, Las Vegas, NV

Sony Collaborative Meet-up @ InfoComm 2018, Las Vegas, NV

June 2018

Collaborative Members old and new convene for networking and Sony updates

“One of the things that’s exciting for us, not just at UCF but nationwide: there’s a lot more focused concern about active learning. And when you look at a lot of the technologies that can support [active learning], it falls right into our laps to be creative, to be innovative,” shares Don Merritt, Director of Instructional Services, Division of Digital Learning at University of Central Florida.

His enthusiasm for the rising trend in active learning technologies was shared by many of the Sony Collaborative Member schools who joined us for exclusive partner activities at at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas, NV.

InfoComm, one of North America’s largest pro-AV conferences, served as the perfect setting for productive discussions around technology, innovation, collaboration, and student success. Sony invited Collaborative schools to participate in activities designed to introduce representatives old and new to the latest higher education technologies from Sony, share members’ own progress in their own campus active learning initiatives, and mingle with fellow schools.


The event extravaganza kicked-off with a Sony Partner BBQ and networking reception on the first evening of June 5, 2018. The next morning, Sony provided members with private booth and technology demo tours curated specifically to showcase active learning technologies for our Higher Education members.

Our final event for the Sony Collaborative InfoComm Meet-Up was later that hot Vegas afternoon and an opportunity to catch-up with fellow Collaborative schools while sharing stories of their experience co-creating new products and developing ideas to promote next generation learning with Sony.


Key themes throughout the meetings: advances in scaling active learning, new approaches to capturing key classroom data, and the importance of faculty feedback for co-creating the best technology tools and products for the classroom. Guest speakers included:

  • Satoshi Kanemura, Senior General Manager of Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, who kicked us off with inspiring words on the importance of our work, collaboration, and coordination to develop and deliver products that propel student engagement and learning.

  • Hiroshi Kawano, President, Professional Solutions & Services Group of Sony Imaging Products & Solution, who emphasized the impact the Collaborative’s input, feedback, and insights inform Sony’s R&D and active learning developments. New to his role, Mr. Kawano is eager to continue exploring ways we can deepen the Collaborative’s collaboration with Sony and propel student success in the college classroom.

  • Kiyo Sassa, General Manager of Sony B2B of America, showcased discussion capture technology from user feedback sessions at several of our  campuses. These product workshops with students and teachers are key to demonstrating how the iterative feedback process is integral to the Collaborative’s work.

  • Grace Gardner, Collaborative Community Manager from Entangled Studios, highlighted insights from FA2 and the need to identify the right metrics and data to measure and scale active learning on campuses across the country.

  • Brian J. Beatty, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs Operations of San Francisco State University, discussed how his Focus Area 1 team is using Faculty surveys to inform decisions, identify trends, and gather insights across the landscape of our campuses.

  • Deb Whitten, Assistant Vice President for IT Customer Service, Arizona State University, shared insights and successes from her team’s efforts to build the classroom of the future in partnership with the Sony Team. With the support of the Collaborative, the ASU team plans to implement a new Sandbox Faculty Training space in the fall of 2018.

Highlights from InfoComm 2018