The Future Learning Collaborative Sandbox Program

Since launching in November of 2017, the Future Learning Collaborative has built itself to be a community of practice to share ideas, insights, and research to collaboratively envision, develop, and test new solutions to enhance teaching and learning for students, instructors, and institutions.

In this next chapter, the Collaborative is prioritizing embedding Future Learning Collaborative sandboxes on all of our member campuses over the course of 2019. This initiative is intended to dramatically increase opportunities to deepen the co-creation dialogue between schools and Sony as their emerging instructional technology solutions are tested on-campus to confirm concepts and validate potential applications and use cases of their solutions.

Our Anchoring Objectives


Embed on-site sandbox environments on each of our member campuses over  the course of 2019.


Propose potential use case and experimentation with new SONY technologies for one  academic term in exchange for on-site support recording learned insights over the course of the term.


Confirm concepts of future technology solutions through testing and validation of potential use cases.