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Recap: Future Learning Collaborative Japan Tour + Vision Summit

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Thinking Big in Tokyo

Hosted by Sony and Entangled Solutions, the Future Learning Collaborative Japan Tour + Vision Summit in Tokyo Japan this past March was an exciting trip where members engaged in a series of visionary discussions about the future of teaching and learning at Sony headquarters.

They spent the day with Sony Senior Leadership to pull back the curtain as they shared their corporate vision for the future of innovative teaching and learning technologies.

The event also included the opportunity for member institutions to present lightning talks on their school’s vision for the future of learning to Sony Leadership.

The Vision Summit culminated with a special Collaborative-curated tour of top-secret Sony R+D technologies + reflective technology workshop!


Agenda Recap

Tuesday, March 26: Lightning Talks, Demos, Discussions and Dinner with Sony

Wednesday, March 27: Demos and Discussions and Tokyo Sightseeing

Thursday, March 28:
AXIES Discussion, Cocktail Hour and Dinner with Sony

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Attendee List

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