The Future Learning Collaborative is a project between Sony Electronics and Entangled Studios that was launched in October of 2017.

Since kicking off last year, we have connected schools and universities across the country to support the conversation of what's next in active learning. Interested in learning more? You can reach us at

Our Mission

Technology companies are developing exciting new products for the higher education market, including hardware and software solutions to enhance active learning classrooms.

To ensure its solutions are closely aligned with the needs of students, instructors, and institutions, these technology companies are seeking to develop close university partnerships to inform its product development efforts and test and implement its new solutions.

We have formed a community of practice to share ideas, insights, and research to collaboratively envision, develop, and test new solutions to enhance teaching and learning for students, instructors, and institutions.

Our members intentionally represent a mix of institutional profiles and priorities to reflect the diversity in higher education.


Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions Americas group develops and manufactures video and audio technologies for a range of professional production applications. We work with schools, universities, and colleges to deliver richer, more rewarding educational experiences for students. Learn more at


At Entangled Studios, we believe the best way to understand the future is to create it. An education innovation studio headquartered in San Francisco, we incubate social impact ventures, orchestrate collective action initiatives and direct multi-stakeholder projects.

In partnership with the world’s most creative philanthropies, universities and companies, we design and build dynamic solutions to our sector’s most pressing problems. At the start of each project we assemble a team with the skills to rigorously investigate the problem space, engage important stakeholders, prototype concepts and test solutions in the field. Then we provide ongoing resources to add value through multiple stages of operations and growth.

Entangled was founded in 2015 with the mission to support our society in equitably transitioning to a knowledge economy. We are a team of purpose-driven people with expertise as philanthropists, university leaders, entrepreneurs, journalists and policy makers.